The Energy as the Service
(EaaS) provider.

EaaS allows developers to reap the benefits of a geothermal exchange system at no
upfront capital cost. Partnering with Subterra, an experienced provider, means no risk and
support from start to finish.

Aura is built to last.

Aura, Subterra Renewables’ Energy as-a-Service solution, is already
saving energy in buildings across Canada, from multi-family residential
developments to educational campuses.

Governments are pushing for
greener buildings.
We offer the complete solution.

We Design

Up to 70%

Larger Mechanical PH Net Saleable Area

We can help you build a more valuable development, by increasing the net saleable area of your properties.

We Configure

Up to 80%

More Efficient

Futureproof your projects, by protecting against rapidly rising energy costs, by starting with a solution that offers greater efficiency.

We Install

Up to 95%

Reduction in GHG Emissions

Build long-term sustainable projects, and benefit from greenhouse gas savings.

Discover is the meeting point, for today and tomorrow, for buildings and nature, and for technology and people.

With end-to-end vertical integration, we’re the first and only company to
bring you a system like Aura.

Subterra offers:

The largest fleet in North America

$400M in committed capital

Over $500M in enterprise value

Keeping an Ear to the Ground.

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