Designing District Geothermal Systems: A Quick Guide

Designing District Geothermal Systems: A Quick Guide More and more now, we’re seeing our clients pursue large, ‘master planned’ community developments. These developments are fantastic opportunities to use district energy to meet the communities heating and cooling needs in an efficient and sustainable manner. Where traditional district energy systems have lacked appeal in less dense […]

Subterra featured in Real Estate Professional Magazine

Subterra Renewables is pleased to have been featured in Real Estate Professional Magazine. To read the article online click here. Eco-friendly developments yet to flourish Appetite for environmentally-friendly homes is expected to surge in the years ahead, but incorporating green technologies still requires outside-of-the-box thinking.  “The next generation of buyers will flock to it,” said […]

Subterra Renewables and Forum Equity Partners Announce Landmark C$250 Million District Energy Partnership

Subterra Renewables (“Subterra”), a leading low-carbon district energy company, and Forum Equity Partners (“Forum”), an alternative asset private capital investor with a focus on real estate, infrastructure, renewables, and building services are excited to announce their landmark C$250 million strategic and financial partnership. The partnership between Subterra and Forum is focused on developing and operating […]

Staying On-Time and On-Budget with Geothermal

Drilling geothermal boreholes can delay construction when drilling from the bottom of the hole, after excavation. Instead, drilling from grade allows the drillers to be first on site, drill before excavation, and drill without affecting the construction critical path. One of the key concerns that we’ve heard from developers about adopting a geothermal system that’s […]

Subterra Renewables Selected to Present at CaGBC ‘Building Lasting Change 2019’

Subterra Renewables (“Subterra”) is pleased to announce that Matthew Tokarik, VP of Development, has been selected to present at CaGBC’s flagship conference in Vancouver in May 2019. Matt will be representing Subterra during a panel discussion entitled, Smart thermal grids: the future of sustainable energy systems using low-carbon heating and cooling, and will be joined by […]

Sewer Heat Recovery Systems: A Quick and “Dirty” Analysis

At Subterra, our goal is to help developers and property owners find the most cost-effective solutions to reduce the carbon impact of their developments. In the pursuit of this goal, we are constantly being pushed to investigate ever more unconventional places to find new, innovative ways to generate clean, renewable energy. Recently, this search has […]

Innovative Business Models Open Up Opportunities for District Energy

Technological innovation has been a key driver to increasing adoption of sustainable energy. Solar, wind, and geothermal energy resources have always been in abundant supply, but the challenge has been in developing the technology needed to effectively harness all that energy. Yet there is another aspect of sustainable energy development that also requires ingenuity and forward […]

Reinstated Federal Tax Credits Positive News For US Geothermal Industry

Recently ACHR News sat down with Doug Dougherty, President and CEO of the Geothermal Exchange Organization. His organization was at the forefront in an effort lobby the US Government to reinstate federal geothermal tax credits that expired in 2016. In the interview, Dougherty shares his enthusiasm for the tax credits, which reinstate a 30 percent […]

Geothermal opportunity could bring new life to an old mine in New Brunswick

The town of Sussex in New Brunswick has started exploring plans to convert an old Potash mine into a geothermal energy plant. An initial feasibility study done by Amec Foster Wheeler has been completed, but the project is still a few years away from being shovel ready. The plan would involve running an open-loop geothermal […]

Subterra Renewables Engaged to Design and Assess the Feasibility of a Geothermal Energy System for 11 Yorkville Avenue Development Project

Subterra Renewables (“Subterra”) is excited to announce that it has been engaged by Metropia, Capital Developments, and RioCan to design and assess the feasibility of a geothermal energy system for their preeminent 11 Yorkville Avenue project. If the project proceeds, 11 Yorkville Avenue would be tallest building in Canada to use a geothermal heating and […]