How New York’s St. Patricks Church went geothermal

In the process of modernizing the historic St. Patricks Church in New York, a goethermal exchange system was installed to handle the cathedral’s heating and cooling requirements. The $35 million system is believed to be one the largest in New York, supplying geothermal energy to the 76,000 square-foot campus.

The system was designed by PW Grosser and is a made up of 10 wells 8″ in diameter drilled into the bedrock beneath the cathedral, going as deep as 2,200 feet, where geothermal thermal energy is sourced from the groundwater below. This water  maintains a constant temperature of year round at 55º F.

Engineers estimate that this system will reduce energy use by 30% annually when compared to a traditional heating and cooling system, which is estimated to be 94,000 kilograms of C02.

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