Subterra Renewables Selected to Present at CaGBC ‘Building Lasting Change 2019’

Subterra Renewables (“Subterra”) is pleased to announce that Matthew Tokarik, VP of Development, has been selected to present at CaGBC’s flagship conference in Vancouver in May 2019. Matt will be representing Subterra during a panel discussion entitled, Smart thermal grids: the future of sustainable energy systems using low-carbon heating and cooling, and will be joined by Lynn Mueller from Sharc International Systems and Mike Walters from MEP Associates. The panel will be moderated by Christian Cianfrone from ZEBx.

The discussion will paint a vision of the future where ambient thermal loops will use a mix of heat pumps, thermal storage, and waste heat recovery to heat and cool our spaces. 

Those who attend the panel discussion will learn how:

  • Low-carbon heating and cooling technologies can help buildings meet sustainability targets like the Zero Carbon Building Standard. 
  • Heat pumps exchange heat between buildings and the surrounding environment.
  • To recognize opportunities to capture ‘free’ heat from adjacent sewer lines or neighboring buildings.
  • Algorithms can be leveraged to determine the most effective mix of heat exchange technology for a desired outcome.

About Building Lasting Change Conference

The annual CaGBC conference is Canada’s largest gathering of green-building professionals set on future-proofing Canada’s building stock through carbon reduction, resilience against extreme weather, indoor environmental improvement, and renewable energy generation. It will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre May 28-30, 2019, and will feature educational presentations, exhibitions, and a chance for industry professionals to connect and shape Canada’s low carbon future. More information can be found here.